Neuroprotective Effects of Guanosine Supplementation in Experimental Models: A Systematic Review

Pharmacognosy Reviews,2020,14,27,62-71.
Published:June 2020
Type:Review Article
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Ana Paula De Carvalho Bezerra1, Elayne Cristina Gurgel Andrade Pedrosa1, Ianara Mendonça Da Costa1, José Rodolfo Lopes De Paiva Cavalcanti1, Lucidio Clebeson De Oliveira1, Dayane Pessoa De Araújo1, Amália Cinthia Menezes Do Rego2, Irami Araújo-Filho2, Francisco Irochima Pinheiro2 Fausto Pierdoná Guzen1,2*

1Laboratory of Experimental Neurology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences Center, State University of Rio Grande do Norte (UERN), Mossoró-RN, BRAZIL.

2Postgraduate Program in Biotechnology at Potiguar University (UnP) - Laureate International Universities – Natal, BRAZIL.


Guanosine (GUO) is an endogenous guanine nucleoside to which several neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects have been attributed in experimental in vitro and/or in vivo models of central nervous system (CNS) diseases, including ischemic stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, nociception and depression. The objective of this work is to systematically review the neuroprotective effects of guanosine in experimental models in the CNS. The research was conducted through PubMed, Science direct, Scopus, Cochrane Library and SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) and databases, where a number of relevant articles were found. Central nervous system (CNS) astrocytes release guanosine extracellularly, that has trophic effects. In the CNS, extracellular guanosine (GUO) stimulates mitosis, the synthesis of trophic factors and cell differentiation, including neuritogenesis, is neuroprotective and reduces apoptosis due to various stimuli. In this work we demonstrate that guanosine has a neuroprotective effect, through the survey of data that we carry out.

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A. Paula De C. Bezerra, Pedrosa, E. Cristina G. , Da Costa, I. Mendonça, Cavalcanti, J. Rodolfo Lo, De Oliveira, L. Clebeson, De Araújo, D. Pessoa, Rego, A. Cinthia Me, Araújo-Filho, I. , Pinheiro, F. Irochima, and Guzen, F. Pierdoná, Neuroprotective Effects of Guanosine Supplementation in Experimental Models: A Systematic Review, Pharmacognosy Reviews, vol. 14, no. 27, pp. 62-71, 2020.